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Site Survey

TTby its wide knowledge and its employee experience  has ability to handle the projects form Site Acquisitions to Close Up Project.
We undertake site survey, site engineering, and preparation of all site-specific drawings, site specific BOQ & construction details. The work consists of the following activities:
  • Site Visit and Site inspection,
  • Structural stability verification of proposed BTS site for expected loading of infrastructure,
  • Liaisoning Services,
  • Leas Agrement,
  • Structural design of foundation for Tower, Shelter and DG,
  • Site Report and design drawings,
  • Site SAR , TSSR & Photo Report with Final Site Documentation.
  • Line Of Site (LOS)

1st & 2nd Activities above will be carried out for all 3 candidate sites for each site, whereas other activities will be carried out for the acquired site.

We do liaison with various statutory bodies to make the sites serviceable. For any site to be operational the following clearances from statutory bodies are required:
  • Municipal approval,
  • Electricity connection,
  • Pollution board approval,
  • All Govermantal requserd approvals.
All the required documents required to be submitted to the respective people in charge are collected by us and as per the rules and regulations of the department, the papers are submitted along with required statutory fees and the approvals are obtained in the minimum possible time.

Site Acquisition

TTby its wide knowledge and its employee experience  has ability to handle the projects form Site Acquisitions to Close Up Project.

Site Acquisition Telecom, PUF Shelters, Pre-Fabricated Shelters, Fiber lying Iraq, Annual Maintenance & Control, Built Lease Operate & Maintain, Tower Supplier Iraq, Galvanizing Iraq We undertake site acquisition works, which consists of following activities:

  • Identification of BTS candidate sites consulting with customer RF team,
  • Discussion with the owners to explain the requirements,
  • Preparation of the preference list of options with report for acquisition,
  • Space ownership verification for the selected candidate site,
  • Be associated with customer personnel for commercial negotiations & finalizations,
  • Agreement with the owner on customer guidelines for the selected candidate site.
  • The following documents of the acquired site are submitted to the customer:

Layout Drawings

  • Site Survey,
  • Site Engineering,
  • Preparation of site-specific drawings (Site layout plan & Site layout report),
  • Site survey and inspection report will be provided for all the candidate sites but the Site Engineering will be done for the selected candidate site only.

Structural Analysis Report

  • Structural Analysis of existing structure,
  • Certification for stability by certified structural engineer for the selected candidate,
  • Structural design of foundation and drawings for tower and DG for the selected candidate.

Foundation Design

  • Detailed layout plan showing position of tower, shelter, DG and earthing pits location,
  • Design of tower, shelter, DG foundations taking into account the site layout and space availability,
  • Issuing final approved construction drawing along with BOQ and bar binding schedule.

Other Final Acceptance Document

  • For GF sites ,Soil Test with Plan Layout,
  • After Construction Photo Report,
  • Asbuilt Drawings using the As-built form,
  • General plan Equipment Layout , General plan power and grounding layout,
  • Shelter Layout.

Foundation Design

We undertake foundation design works for towers both ground based as well as roof top towers along with foundation of DGs and Shelter. The steps involved are:

Ground Based Tower

  • Doing soil testing as per IS codes,
  • Design and choose between isolated and combined type footing depending upon space availability,
  • Offer optimum Foundation design as per SBC obtained from soil test,
  • Getting design approved from IIT, Baghdad or from the agencies as demanded by the customer.

Roof Top Towers

  • Doing structural analysis of the building if drawings are made available by owners,
  • Alternatively carry out non destructive tests to ascertain building strength,
  • Design the tower / DG / Shelter foundation depending upon beams grid and space availability,
  • Getting design approved from CMC, Baghdad or from the agencies as demanded by the customer,
  • In case of load bearing structures, suggest to use light weight towers like Delta.