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Project Management

TThas the field service expertise to handle all aspects of site construction,Start with project on schedule and keep it on track with TTs project management services. Each project is managed as per the needs of the Client. A project coordinator is assigned to over-see all aspects of the project to ensure all work is done on time, safely and within projected budget …every time.
The Project Coordinator acts as a hub in the company between different departments and links them by forming a chain. Proper channeling of the Quality Report is done between the client and the staff to ensure conformance in the work assigned.

TTs provides an ample range of services for the management of projects in the Telecom Infrastructure Solutions. It can be elaborated in following stages:

Project Management Delivery 
  • Forecast, plan and schedule the site rollout to comply with the projects roll-out schedule in close consultation with the customer,
  • Management of all BTS activities, customer interface to site requirements & Telecom Implementation (Installation, Commissioning and Integration),
  • Confirm Quality requirements, coordination of trouble shooting task, timely delivery of information, personnel and other resources required to ensure completion of projects on agreed schedules,
  • Provide telecom implementation tools, supervise tools used, distribute forecasting of TI materials, provides acceptance certificates to suppliers.
Quality Supervision and Field Management
  • Deliver the services and implemented works according to defined quality criteria; manage quality control of BTS implementation,
  • Prepare and manage punch lists outlining sites deficiencies, provide evidence to corrective actions taken and verify that deficiencies have been remedied,
  • Input the site quality information for query database for BTS sites.
Project Documentation
  • Implement and manage documentation and correspondence procedures with project organization,
  • Production of original blank site folder in accordance with format specified for site specific documentation, manage and update site folder and prepare folder for acceptance process,
  • Record minutes of meeting with customer, prepare and follow up action lists based on meeting minutes,
  • Plan and organize the information flow and communication within project to ensure coordination and clear understanding about share of responsibilities and escalation with customer.
Office Facilities
  • Provides all types office facilities like main rollout office, field project office to support the rollout schedule, broadband connection, personal computers, mobile & land line phones, telefax etc.
Risk Analysis
  • Forecast, identify, analyze any possible risk in project implementation and inform customer.
Customer Acceptance
  • Manage the customer acceptance procedures in accordance with project requirements, identify barrier in site acceptance, manage all site acceptance visits, manage all technical and administrative issues relating to closure of project and verify all defects identified by customer are remedied.
Supplies and Related Services
  • Collect surplus material and transport it to intermediate store facility,
  • Dumping of debris and garbage,
  • Provision and collection of forms/transport permits/permissions from local bodies etc in advance for right of passage/transportation of material within circle. Collection of forms and waybills.