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TTs Overview

Al-Tahaduth for Telecommunication services (TTs) is an independent private Iraqi company established in 2003 who has become the leading Iraqi service provider in wireless infrastructure. TTs has combined its technical expertise, manpower, implementation and integration experiences and resources to provide quality service and commitment to its customers. We are Iraq’s world class Telecommunication, Internet and IT system integration & installation company, capable of implementing modern Telecommunication solutions in this difficult, complex and newly opened market. Customers can be assured of high quality, safe, efficient and rapid deployment of infrastructure projects and the on-going management and maintenance of the network.

Our objectives are accomplished through a combination of impressive skill sets (local and international), strong and state of the art technical solutions, quick adaptability to local dynamics and ultimate cost effectiveness to the customer.

The formation of the company evolved from a proper and lengthy assessment of a rapidly increasing need to have an experienced entity with extensive knowledge in sophisticated telecommunication technologies and processes, as well as a proper Iraqi relationship base to approach the difficult Iraqi market and to develop business and execute it appropriately. We are organized in two divisions, ‘Telecommunications and Data Integration and Installation Systems Integrator’ and ‘Turnkey Project Management & Civil Works Contractor’.

TTs is a private company that uses its own well trained employees who are rooted in communications and construction with diverse experiences from Telecom Systems Integration Expertise; core and radio equipment installation, test and optimization; Site Acquisition; foundation and tower construction; total Turnkey Project Management & Integration services; and Managed Services. We pride ourselves in having the ability to offer total commitment to ensure your project is completed in a timely and successful manner.

Highlights of the Company & the People

TTs an Iraqi Company, owned and operated by Iraqis , Senior Management made out of Telecommunication professionals with 15 to 28 years of experiences from international Telecommunication organizations & Iraqi Telecommunication and Postal company.

Over 42 team members physically located in company branches in Northern, Central and Southern Iraq, as well as in Jordan. Over 25 installation teams and over 25 civil works teams. Our teams are local Iraqi workforce that are indigenousness to regions and to responsibilities.

TTs is Iraqi’s first tower and steel structure supplier and design engineering company and is supplying towers throughout the Middle East. We have been established to offer customer proven products, with comprehensive technical support. Our aim is to provide continuity and service, building close, successful long term relationships with customers.
Our aim is to support you with a dedicated team of wireless professionals including a professional project management team, network deployment teams, and managed service and support organizations. The Wireless Professional Services Team will develop project plans, handle logistics issues, provide project management, develop site specifications, perform testing, manage and stage materials, construct, and test your network prior to your acceptance testing and will also operate and manage your network.
Our experiences and our capabilities go beyond the support of your wireless core network.
  • TThas provided equipment installation and integration , project management, logistics, and construction services in all three Regions of Iraq. We have mobilized in urban areas and in very rural areas of Iraq.
  • Throughout the transition period in Iraq we have maintained a very safe record without incident. Our relationships with local and regional governmental bodies and with tribal entities have provided a safe environment and given us the advantage of being part of the local environment. Our security services are second to none.
  • We have access to the local infrastructure, warehousing and transportation.
  • We maintain training facilities in Iraq , UAE , Lebanon and Jordan.
  • Our trained staff is a combination of Iraqi professional management staff and engineers, professionals and engineers from the Middle East, and professionals and engineers that have come to us from the leading Telecom and IT companies throughout the world.
  • We have technical experience to support wireless radio access, central office and mobile switching center installations, operations and maintenance.
  • TThas provided full turnkey Program Management solutions consisting of world-class products and expert Professional Services including Civil works, Air Conditioning Systems, Towers and Poles, Shelters, Lightning Protection Systems, Electrical Installation, External Alarms, Fire Fighting Systems, and Back-Up Generator Systems