Civil Works

Any work related to Civil works ,  TThave a great  dedicated team is capable of building the site from scratch. We also supply required foundations associated with Civil Work ,TTemploys professionally qualified Surveying and Engineering staff to manage and coordinate all site operations with a full understanding of the design requirements.

Depending on whether the chosen site is a ‘green field’ or part of an existing building such as a roof top, appropriate structures will be built.

The extent of the works may include reinforced concrete work for tower and cabin or Shelter bases, compound clearance and storing, site fencing, cabin fixing, rooftop fixings and steelwork erection, power supply and coordination, electrical connections and earthing and cable tray installations.

Towers are sometimes required for mounting the RF and microwave antennas and could range from roof mounted stubs to ground based lattice towers with different heights. Heights will be dependent on the surrounding terrain and also issues such as the spacing of the antennas for spatial diversity, the number of antennas and the prevailing weather conditions, especially wind levels.

Masts and towers will be deployed to minimize impact on their surroundings, ensuring environmental acceptance and aesthetic design.

All work on site will be controlled and co-ordinated by the construction team with input from the design team to ensure the design intent is maintained. Quality checks will ensure specifications are upheld and local Building Regulations approval is attained.

All procedures and working methods have been streamlined to improve the services delivered, minimizing the delivery time whilst  maintaining quality.

On completion of any construction work each site will be visited to ensure that the work has been carried out as specified and that the quality of the installation meets your requirements.

we have a great activities list and These activities include:

  • Site clearance,
  • Excavations processes,
  • Supply and installations of concrete foundation according to technical drawing,
  • Tower erection, painting and protection against corrosion,
  • Foundation installation the shelters and electromechanical works,
  • Supply and install the fencing system,
  • Installation of all types of pre-fabricated shelters,
  • Installation of poles (4m, 6 and 9 m) , Installation of Masts (9 m, 12 and 15 m) and RT Towers,
  • Installation of mono-poles and towers (25 m, 30 m, 40 m, etc…),
  • Installation of Antenna system and feeders,
  • Testing for feeders and antennas using SITE MASTER,
  • Installation of cable trays, power cables, and earthling systems (indoor & outdoor).

Telecommunication services

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