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TeleCom Works

BTS Installation

TThas attained significant expertise in Base Transreceiver System (BTS) -Installation & Commissioning Service.

Indoor Work

  • BTS Installation as per layout plan,
  • Installation of TRX ( Radio unit inside BTS),
  • Installation and Connecting DC Power cables , Connecting Grounding cables,
  • Installation of DDF ,
  • Installation Internal RF cables,
  • Transmission cable ladder Installation and Cable entry port installation,
  • Battery Bank installation, interconnection & cabling of BTS,
  • Rectifier Rack/ SMPS installation,
  • PCM routing and kroning, alarm cable routine,
  • ECB, IGB, EMP installation & earthing,
  • FEP cutting, finishing, sealing, jumper routine, connectorisation and termination,
  • Indoor cable tray installation,
  • Labeling of all the cables and jumpers as per customer standard,
  • All work is to be carried out as per layout.

Outdoor Work

  • Horizontal cable tray fitting, pendulum support installation and grouting,
  • GSM antenna system Installation with all accessories needed,
  • Antenna fixtures installation,
  • Antenna installation & alignment,
  • Feeder routine, Earthing, weather proofing & labeling,
  • Cable try installation.
  • Lightening rod installation.
  • Obstruction light installation.
  • Install microwave and antenna mounts.
  • BTS RF Feeder Sweep Test (Return Loss RL, Distance –to- Fault DTD and VSWR).
  • Labeling system.
  • All work is to be carried out as per drawing.

Microwave Link

The following activities has to be carried out for one Hop I. e. at two different sites to make one MW link:

  • Microwave and Transmission Survey ( Planning and confirming L.O.S and complete Path Profile Survey and measurements using Path loss software.)
  • Supplying of RF/ MW material.
  • 19" Racks Installation for MW modems
  • MW installation.( ODU AND IDU )
  • Coaxial Cable RF installation.
  • E1 – connection and testing.
  • MW dishes Installation ( 0.3, 0.6, 1.2 … etc.)
  • Alignments and configurations.
  • BER test , 24 stability testing .
  • MiniLink installation & Commissioning of FIU/RRI/EITI,
  • Antenna installation & IF Cable routine,
  • DC connection to MiniLink through DCDB / MCB,
  • Earthing of Rack, IF as per site engineer instruction,
  • Alignment of Microwave to achieve required level.
Line of Site ( L.O.S)
  • Verify the L.O.S and Accuracy of the terrain profile,
  • Applying certain particular method to confirm LOS such as Balloon, sky-lift , mirror , binocular and photos,
  • Using GPS and Altimeter to traverse the path while recording the coordinates and elevation in case of above method not satisfy,
  • LOS of Site reports , contains: site details   ( near end , far end)   , type of terrain , planned frequency, tower/building heights and PATH LOSS TERRAIN DATA.

Testing , Commissioning & Integration

TTs has attained significant expertise in BTS commissioning. The work involves following activities:
  • Preparing the BT 3002 cable from BTS to DDF block with T 43 sockets at BTS end and T 43 Plug at DDF end.
  • Preparing the BT 3002 cable from DDF to M/W equipment with T 43 Plug at DDF end and BNC Male Connector at M/W equipment at end.
  • Pix Alarm wiring to be done with termination of alarm points on the krone DDF.
  • Termination & Testing of all external alarms on the Krone DDF.
  • NMS Cable termination as per requirement.
  • VSWR test of antennas using site master test equipment.
  • Frequency calibrations through freq counter equipment.
  • Cross connection through Far end at bypassing.
  • Power Calibration & Power measurement through Digital Power Meter.
  • Call & Sector swapping testing using Net Monitor Software by cell phone.
  • Documentation:
  • BTS & M/W inventory list with product serial numbers.
  • Final Site Layout drawing & plan.
  • Site inventory list with all equipment serial numbers.